About Us 

The Owner Lanai LOVED funnel cakes so much she couldn't wait for the next carnival to come around to enjoy her favorite sweet treat .


So she had an idea to offer America's favorite carnival treat year round for other funnel cake lovers. Lanai always strives to be different. She never liked the fact of eating a boring funnel cake with just powered sugar on a paper plate.


After months of research , shortly thereafter Lanai introduced Krave Funnel Cones to the Houston area in May 2018 . Krave Funnel Cones is a mobile gourmet funnel cake business widely known for it's specialty funnel cakes that tasted as wonderful as they looked.

As Krave Funnel Cones continues to grow in popularity, our team is committed to maintaining an enjoyable experience where fans (family) . 






xoxo lanai

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